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Welcome toTanwar Higher Secondary School

The Tanwar Schools (Residential Cum Day-Boarding) are a State chain of M.P. Board affiliated co-educational schools, which use the world class 'Learning System' created by Shri Ganga Bahuuddeshiya Samaj Sevi Samiti. Our thought and philosophy is based on deep rooted Indian values and rich culture integrated with a global mindset...


To teach their children the necessary skills for an ever-changing world, many parents are choosing private school education. With options ranging from boarding schools to alternative schools to pre-schools, there is almost certainly a school to suit each and every child. Here are the reasons why parents are choosing to give their children the unique experience of private school and why it’s worth the financial investment.

Enriched academic opportunities

Smaller classes

Parental involvement

Dedicated teachers

Chairman Message

Its gwalior

We belive in the fact that a child learn in a affection,playful & comfortable atmosphere & very through of lunching this institution is to fulfill these prerequisities & take care of the over all well being of the child.The aim of the institution is to develop the best that is talent in children and also to develop student academically,physically & psychologically to face challenges of the competitive world....Read More

Director Message

Its gwalior

Tanwar is established with of importing education along social academic and value. School is also aimed at giving disciplined and quality education with an all round personality development of the student. For the fulfillment of our aims we have a team of highly qualified and experienced faculties. Tanwar is providing all facilities like computer lab, libarary, marshal arts, yoga etc...Read More

News & Updates

New Session start Admission Open

2017 to 2018

All School inform that, school start.


All parents inform that, Class Book and Dress Available in School.


Student Collect TC from Account Department.


Our Cultural Activities

Our Facilities

We aspire to be the ‘Children’ Talent Development initiatives through our excellence of work, integrity, speed of response and dedication; Leading to enduring relationships.

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Tanwar pattern of teaching demands audio-visual tools and so we have Smart boards installed in each and every classroom to make the teaching and training sessions more interactive, illustrative and interesting. In this modern world, when students get attached to technology so soon, smart board teaching has proved to be a boon for an educational institution.

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In modern fast moving world, where world is computer centered, it is of utmost importance to train students to become computer-friendly. And so, the school provides all necessary equipment’s and competent teachers to nurture the students with computing skills. Students have supervised access to the internet. Since 1:1 ratio is maintained in practical sessions, students get to learn faster and in a better way. Read More

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The school has appointed alert and responsible guards at the gate to screen the visitors and restrict the entry of unwanted people. Apart from the driver and conductor, a care taker is sent in every bus for safety and security of Tanwar School. The school is entirely covered under CCTV cameras to monitor the activities and behavior of people.

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